Please Don’t Grab My P#$$Y book cover

Please Don’t Grab My P#$$Y: A Rhyming Presidential Guide

by Julia Young & Matt Harkins
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Release Date 10/30/18

Illustrated by Laura Collins

Please Don’t Grab My P#$$Y: A Presidential Guide is a timely and humorous rhyming picture book that is decidedly for adults with a good sense of humor. Think “Go the F%$# To Sleep” but with a political bent.

Through campy pop culture rhymes and beautiful oil paintings, the narrator of our book guides you through a list of things you CAN grab while offering more poetic ways to refer to a woman’s genitalia than the word “pussy” that Trump so vulgarly used. As the narrator goes on, she lets you know more about her relatives (a reclusive aunt with a lazy eye) and her interests (Justin Bieber’s Instagram) while never losing sight of her mission to make the President as uncomfortable as possible.

We think that the President, not to mention men in Hollywood, Wall Street, the news media and beyond, can benefit from reading our book. No matter who you are, or how dumb you are, you’ll be able to understand this book’s simple message: Hands off my P#$$Y!